Get Involved

People with dementia and their carers are still not involved enough in design and service planning. There is no excuse. Direct engagement of people with dementia, rather than using carers and families as a proxy, is shown to lead to better, more cost-effective provision.

DSDC gave us the confidence and skills we needed to offer effective support

Research and Support

Stirling has particular expertise in the involvement of people with dementia, drawing on its own original research.

DSDC can provide expert support and advice on involvement of users in the design and delivery of research, in development of standards and pathways, in change and design and in governance.

The backing of research evidence means DSDC can help overcome fears or concerns which may be getting in the way of carer and user involvement. It also means DSDC can call on different tools and techniques which enable people with dementia to play a full part, as clients and partners, in shaping their world.

Carers’ Panel

DSDC’s Carers’ Panel, made up exclusively of carers for people with dementia, acts as a critical and active reference point for the work of DSDC:

  • by offering views on issues
  • by testing out ideas and technologies
  • by helping shape research. 

An inaugural Carers’ Conference to provide more face-to-face engagement between carers and DSDC staff is being planned.  If you would like to join the Carers Panel just complete our contact form