Education and Housing

The skills which staff working in housing need are changing rapidly.

DSDC didn’t try to sell us training we didn’t need – they helped us identify our needs and designed training to meet them. Very satisfied

Case studies

09: Education - Knowledge Development

It is increasingly important that more staff have knowledge and sensitivity towards people with dementia and have the confidence and capacity to support early diagnosis as well as post-diagnostic care. The consequences of not having the right skills in the right places are potentially damaging for everyone concerned.


DSDC provides a range of education and training suited to different staff groups and sizes of housing organisation – both existing programmes and those specially designed for housing.

The most popular courses with housing in recent years have been our Flagship Courses

But increasingly DSDC is being asked to develop In-house Training to meet the specific challenges involved in Housing.

DSDC has delivered training to a number of housing organisations to enable them to understand what the different forms of dementia are, how to spot the early symptoms, how to communicate with people with different forms of dementia and how to support people with dementia, including when they are exhibiting challenging behaviour.

Specialist training

Some staff have undertaken more Advanced Study moving on to undergraduate and postgraduate study at the University of Stirling, enhancing both their own careers and the knowledge available to employers.

The Training Directory includes details of all the training and education available.