Creativity is the term DSDC uses to describe the huge variety of ways in which the creative arts engage with and influence the experience of dementia in modern life.

The Arts can make a huge difference to people with Dementia. What Stirling has planned sounds really interesting.
Dame Judi Dench
International Film, Stage & TV Actress

Case studies

DSDC Case Study Image - Dementia and the Arts

10: Creativity - Dementia and Art

This covers everything from the impact the arts and media have in framing dementia in society to the creative potential of the arts and art practice for people with dementia.

DSDC has always seen creativity and the arts as important. Now, given the continuing growth and diversity of creative engagement around dementia DSDC is taking a more focused role in:

  • stimulating ideas on Creativity and Dementia
  • documenting and sharing innovative practice
  • supporting ethical practice in the Arts
  • developing the role of creativity in Dementia-Friendly Communities
  • promoting creativity in education, training and professional practice.

These are long-term objectives which will frame DSDC's work on creativity with partners and colleagues in the next few years.

What DSDC is doing

Different strands of activity include:

DSDC is working in partnership with arts, community and charitable foundations to take this work forward.