Service Consultancy

The service consultancy helped us uncover and sort out all sorts of issues which had meant we were getting things wrong. Uniquely helpful at a time of real pressure for us

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04: Change - Service Consultancy

Consultancy on services for people with dementia and older people are a growing part of the work of DSDC.

What is service consultancy?

Our service consultancy is increasingly being used by both commissioners and providers as a powerful and cost-effective way of assessing the quality of services and of unlocking problems which are blocking delivery.

Central to each consultancy project is a clear methodology which combines:

  • informal site visits by a multi-professional team, normally over a two-day period
  • data and policy analysis
  • independent review of clinical and managerial documentation and processes
  • structured Interviews with leaders, staff, and key stakeholders

The tone and approach is that of a “critical friend”, making available specialist dementia expertise but more importantly bringing practical change management expertise to resolve issues which are getting in the way. This means that changes happen as the service consultancy takes place rather than awaiting a report and a formal action plan.

Each service consultancy project is led by a clinical expert together with a small team of senior staff who have the depth of clinical and managerial knowledge to combine a genuinely “whole system” perspective with practical experience about what makes change stick.

What does a service consultancy project deliver?

Service consultancy has been commissioned:

  • to address specific problems with pathways and diagnosis levels
  • to inform plans for investment and cost saving
  • to get a clear picture ahead of formal external audits
  • to follow up on critical audit reports

Deep Dives usually cost under £20k, can be delivered within one month of commission and deliver immediate and long-term cost savings and improved value.